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Default Power Steering Pump to box lines

Ok, back to posting about the conversion work, over the next couple of days Ill be adding to this thread with some of the technical details about my conversion.

The low pressure return fitting that I picked up at the junk yard came straight up from the power steering box and was in between the oil filter lines. I trimmed the fitting enough for the hose to be attached and gently bent in the direction of the power steering pump. In this picture you can see how close the fitment is. Just use your x-ray vision to see through the coil of brake lines.

Junk yard parts tip; the low pressure fitting clamps in the Toyota trucks are a great item to pick up in the junk yard. I found these clamps to be easier to work with than band clamps.

Despite all my words of wisdom about switching to a new power steering pump, I ended up keeping my junk yard Volvo pump. I made a custom power steering hose by starting with an FJ60 power steering hose from NAPA, part # NPS72142. I removed the connector fitting from my Volvo pump removed the connector fitting from the FJ60 hose. Here is a picture of the fitting screwed into the Volvo pump just cut the tube and the fitting is free:

I then took the Volvo connector and FJ60 hose to an auto shop and asked them put a double flare with the Volvo fitting. This was a bit risky because the Volvo tube was SAE and FJ60 tube was metric - close to the same diameters but the SAE was just a tad larger. Things got a bit riskier as the auto shop had double flare tool for SAE tubing and not metric tubing. In my case it all worked out. The connection is strong and does not leak. If you do go this route YMMV. Here is a close up picture of the hose connections on the Volvo pump:

I did not install a cooling coil on the low pressure return line.
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