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Originally Posted by corsair23 View Post
The Kenwood is nice but looking at the manual for the install I'm not sure I like how the face plate gets mounted (pg 91). Seems big and bulky compared to the Yaesu way.
Actually Jeff that doesn't look any more cumbersome than the Yaesu, in if you leave off the "panel bracket" it's pretty much the same thing. I screwed the "sub panel" to the tranny hump, then the faceplate just attaches to it.. looks like the same could be done with the Kenwood. Also 60wag attached his subpanel to that row of switches below the heater controls, which is pretty sweet if you haven't already consumed all of those. And yes one could do it over the radio too, but it would stick out kind of far.

that panel bracket kind of opens up some new options as well, hmm..... thanks for posting that!
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