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In Moab, I found that when I was talking on the ham, I couldn't really listen to the chat on the CB - it was one or the other. Multitasking tends to leave me doing nothing completely.

As for my band plan in Moab, I had 6 banks set up. Bank 1 is front range channels, bank 2 is I70 Colorado connection repeaters, bank 3 is all the Moab simplex freqs used at CM, bank 4 is my thursday run freq plus 146.460 and the moab repeaters, bank 5 is Friday run + 146.460, bank 6 is Sat run + 146.460 etc. I also had 146.460 assigned to all the banks so it would be included in whatever bank I was scanning.
This made it simple to just pick a bank and hit scan. I could easily go from scanning 4 channels to scanning 18 channels and back to 4. The scan loop took a second or less so not much of a transmission was missed. Overall I think it worked pretty well so I'm still questioning the true benefit of twin radios.

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Being in two conversations at once. Every day in Moab I was on 146.460 on one channel, and whatever run I was on on the other. And more often talking on one, but wanting to have the other in the background. Was particularly sweet when I wanted to monitor 146.460 to see when I got in range, then when I could hear someone else I'd know it was a good time to check in. Or on the way home I was yakking with Scott on simplex, but monitoring the Colorado Connection on the other. Then I'd switch over to talk on the repeater channel, but still wanted to hear if someone called me on simplex.

Yes maybe all that's possible by monitoring just two frequencies, but once you're transmitting on one are you still monitoring the other? It seems a lot simpler and less confusing to just have two radios, and given the expected life of these things the additional money amortized across that seems well worth it.
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