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Originally Posted by corsair23 View Post
Good to know Tim...I guess I've only really ever seen Matt's setup up close so I'm not sure where everyone else has located their front panel and in what fashion. I like Matt's setup and was going to do the same, with maybe a small LED (red?) shining down onto the panel for night use.

Seems that the biggest advantage the Kenwood has over the Yaesu is the backlit buttons but cost wise (including remote face kit, extension cables, etc.) it would run me $100+ more. Not sure I need to see the buttons that bad...LOL
I've got mine screwed to the vertical portion of the tranny hump, below the ashtray. It has been a great place for it, only occasionally have I had to move my head to see something around a gearshift. You're right about the back lights, they're not worth $100 if that's the difference... if you really need to program something at night like a tone or offset, especially initially, you probably oughta be stopped, and in that case just flip the map light on.

Though once you know where you are it's actually not so bad to poke in there while driving, because the radio will stay on whatever option you were last on. Since most of the time you're up at 39 or 40 to do tones and the ENC DEC stuff, it stays up at 39 or 40. Heck, here's another benefit of the dual bands, Scott was asking me for the tone on the Breck repeater, and I was able to pop into the setting and verify that for him, while speaking with him on the other channel.

Pictures of my install location... (though all the LED's are blue now )
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