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Originally Posted by 60wag View Post
In Moab, I found that when I was talking on the ham, I couldn't really listen to the chat on the CB - it was one or the other. Multitasking tends to leave me doing nothing completely.

As for my band plan in Moab, I had 6 banks set up. Bank 1 is front range channels, bank 2 is I70 Colorado connection repeaters, bank 3 is all the Moab simplex freqs used at CM, bank 4 is my thursday run freq plus 146.460 and the moab repeaters, bank 5 is Friday run + 146.460, bank 6 is Sat run + 146.460 etc. I also had 146.460 assigned to all the banks so it would be included in whatever bank I was scanning.
This made it simple to just pick a bank and hit scan. I could easily go from scanning 4 channels to scanning 18 channels and back to 4. The scan loop took a second or less so not much of a transmission was missed. Overall I think it worked pretty well so I'm still questioning the true benefit of twin radios.
Well I can agree with that Bruce, a couple time in Moab I was participating in 4 conversations at once... one with Gavin, one on CB, then one on each Ham channel.. got a little silly a couple of times. When you transmit, does your radio continue to scan the other bands? Or does scanning stop? Maybe my problem is I never learned how to program a bank...
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