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Default Belts

The belts for the alternator and power steering pump were purchased at NAPA. I measured the length for each at the closest and farthest adjustment points to get an idea of the range. For the alternator I had a few inches of range and the power steering pump it was just shy of 2 inches. It took a few trips to and from NAPA to get my belt nailed down. In retrospect, it would have saved time to have started out with buying several belts in on shot, take them home to determine which was the best fit and then returning the others.

The belt width for wide pulleys is 17mm. The part number for the power steering pump belt is 25 22443. The part number for the alternator belt is 25 22485. Here is a photo of the steering pump belt.

Working with the belts is much easier when the radiator and radiator shrouds are not in place.
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