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Default Removing the Steering Wheel

In order to be able to remove the steering column and shaft, the steering wheel needs to come off. The first step in removing the steering wheel is to pop off the horn cover. Mine is loose enough that I can grab it by the edges and just pop it off. With the horn cover off, you are looking at this.

The nut in the center needs to be removed. It is 17mm. With the nut out you can remove the disk with the tabs. You are then looking at a plate with a black plastic circle. This plate will need to be popped out so that the holes used to pull the steering wheel can be exposed. Here is what it looks like.

A bit of side story is in order here, in my case, this black plastic circle had become brittle over the years and when putting the plate back in, the black plastic circle crumbled and disintegrated. The black plastic circle is a spacer that keeps the horn circuit open. Without it, the horn circuit will be complete and the horn will be always on. To correct this, I used a few layers of electrical tape in place of the black plastic spacer. It works just fine for now, but I'm wondering how it will hold up in the summer heat.

The spring for the horn brush is the bright silver piece at the top. From my research, the horn brush and spring are getting to be as scarce as henís teeth, so keep an eye on yours.

Once the horn brush and spring are removed the steering wheel is ready for the puller. Using the puller is very straight forward and in short order the wheel is off and here is what it looks like.

Next steps are to disconnect the turn signal lever, remove the turn signal lever bracket and disconnect the wire for the horn where it leaves the steering column. While not required, I did remove the top bushing from the steering column. Here is what things look like when all the work above is done.

The only thing left to do in the cab to free up the steering column and steering shaft from being removed is to remove the bracket on the bottom of the dash that holds the steering column in place. No pictures of that part of the process.
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