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uncle ben,
what should us newbies expect at this event? is it open camping? are there bathrooms/showers? or should we expect to bring toilets or dig pits? can you give us any pointers? i did hear from someone to use the good gas, cause the low octane can cause pinging in the 80s am....always!

The area where Wild Bills is is superb fishing, gambling and I've heard the saloon life is second to none! The area is very forested and lush (as are the saloons!)! Days will get hot as blazes and nights are cool and moist. If it rains the sky's will open up and dump gallons with every drop then usually clear after a short time. A lot of the trails are in box canyons where there is little air movement so you will consume a lot of water and sweat will be part of your days activity. Mozzies are few most of the time but the horse flys and deer flys have been known to carry off Canadians with ease!. Campground will be typical of your Toy event campgrounds and will have a few trying to sleep while other areas will have a fire going all night and the sound of bottles clanking as they get tossed into the trash bags. Every year I have attended there is a strong Minisota contingent that come on strong and territorial but after a few beers and a few lies they will quickly become harmless and your best buddies! The S Dakotans also tend to be similar to the Minisotans with the same results on the peace treaty ritual. The overal feeling in the entire camp will be a family feeling and very laid back. Gas is expensive but plentiful. The raffle and dinner are awesome....and you will need a lot of raffle tickets to compete with Cramer and the Minisotans, don't ya know?
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Welcome. Lots of "northsiders" here in the club. We're known to have some of the strongest, coolest and most awesome club members.
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Cruisers are superior
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