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Talking Most folks look for 50Ω, not 75Ω...

Originally Posted by Hulk View Post
I have to wait for the coax, which they're shipping from Phoenix. It was ~$65 for 50 feet of coax. This must be different stuff than they use to hook up my satellite dish, huh? Either that or copper is more expensive than I think.
Copper is pretty expensive these days. That is why recycle places who are actually legit are required to have you sign your name and give your ID for any metal recycling (aluminum cans excepted) because there is so much theft. We have a roll-off dumpster that is divided into two halves, one side for stainless and on side for aluminum and we deal with random theft even with a 500# lid on top. No way in heck do we keep our copper outside. It would be gone in a heartbeat.

The stuff for your Satellite dish is 75Ω coax. Unless you are doing all of the math to ensure proper matching of feedline, radio and antenna and find that you need a 75Ω match, it will impair your system from proper operation and good SWR ratio. Me? I leave all of the math to Dave.
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