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I needed a name that didn't have a bunch of numbers at the end. Names like Bob345234523 were common in the beginning and just seemed tacky to me. In most cases, those with names like that were late adopters of the internets and I wanted to stand out. Even if it wasn't true, a simple handle conveys a sense of leadership, a take charge attitude, and an ability to act quickly in times of need. I wasn't the fastest and, by the time I was trying to choose one, all of the dictionary words @ had been taken. I was riding my bike trying to think of one when my wheel caught a treeroot. The clarity you have while flying through the air allows plenty of time to get your priorities in order, solve world hunger, think of an email handle, etc. Treeroot isn't a word as is but together, simple enough to be uncommon. Over the years there have been a few adopters of treeroot, but it has been unique enough to usually refer to me.
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