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Originally Posted by MDH33 View Post
boring, I know, but i have never been given a nickname and I won't pick one for myself.

Martin David Huber lucky number '33' = MDH33
Martin, you raise an interesting point. I'm with you thinking that choosing your own nickname is rather boorish, witness George Castanza on Seinfeld, choosing the nickname T-Bone. Nicknames, IMO, should be given by others and, generally, earned. Screen names are a different kettle of fish however, but they still seem to stick as nicknames these days. I can't imagine calling you MDH33 on the CB but names like Uncle Ben and Cheeseman slip right of the tongue. A conundrum. While leading trails for the first time this year at Cruise Moab, hearing my Rising Sun screen name on the radio gave me pause, wondering what folks might be thinking as they heard "Crash" being hailed.
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