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Default Wagons Wheeling Wednesday

Yesterday Crash, Art Volmer and I took our 60 series wagons up towards Bill Moore Lake. What a spectacular way to spend a Wednesday!

While most trip reports start on the trail, I do have to comment that as we headed west towards Empire and the 2Fs in the group groaned to make it up and over those hills, that 3FE of Crash's sure made it look easy. The CB chatter between Art and I was centered around hoping our 2Fs grow up soon into Crash-tuned 3FEs .

This was the maiden voyage of my 60, so Crash picked a trail that was manageable and what a sweet time we had. Unfortunately, snow prevented us from summitting the peak and seeing the lake, but it gave us a great excuse to explore all the connecting trails.

We found an old cabin way back in the hills (yes, you will hear dueling banjos ringing in your ears), but a great place for lunch and then more exploring.

Overall, a fantastic to run over some rocks, drive some serious off-chamber trails and enjoy the mountains.

NOTE: I've been seriously neglecting my secretary duties so that's why the roster is not yet updated, but hey, I've now got a well tuned and running nicely 60 wagon and a maiden voyage under her belt, can you blame a guy :-)
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