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Default Spur of the moment Slaughterhouse trip (Ford content)

The lady friend and I decided to run slaughterhouse today. This was her first wheeling trip, and really her first time up to the hills without the comfort of an RV. The weather for the drive up was spectacular, it would have been the perfect day to have the top off the truck When we arrived at the trail head it was spitting rain and snow, but that only lasted momentarily. We stopped at the sign for a few poser shots.

The trail begins with a nice V shaped uphill portion. When I looked at my passenger, i saw her gripping the sides of her seat with the look on her face. As any loop trail does, the next portion of our journey was a steep downhill, upon which we came across a couple heeps and a discovery. The Land Rover had blown out his rear axle, and was limping out in between a couple TJs. We encountered them on a spot that didn't have any pull offs to speak of, but we figured I could back the truck up the side of the hill enough to make room to let them by. I had the driver of one of the jeeps spot me, and my unlocked rear ended up spinning me sideways on the trail without any hope of getting straightened out on my own.

He ran his winch though a snatch block and pulled me back up the hill. They had enough room to get by, and I had enough room to get turned back onto the trail. All in all it wasn't a huge deal, but it was the first time I had ever been winched.

Further down the trail, we set up a kitchen on the tailgate and made ourselves lunch. Peppermint tea and home made green chili and tortillas, mmmmm.

We spotted elk on the way out

We ended the day with one last poser shot, and decided that we will have to go up again soon.

and here are a couple videos

Danielle getting some wheel time

I got wheelstand on my first attempt at this obstacle

Inside the truck with the radio on
Rick Maestas

1997 T100 4x4

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