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Originally Posted by Groucho
EXACTLY the same break in the long side axle. Problem was, he couldn't be moved w/o the axle walking out too far b/c of where he was. Had to do it all on the hill.

We looked all over town for someone with a spare, no luck. So I got suckered into letting my 60 be cannibalized for a spare axle just to get him off the trail. Pulled my axle out at camp @ 5pm. Put it back in (not able to drive cause was out of adjustment) at 4 am. Luckily, I wasn't in on helping out at the trail, just at camp. Deja Vu! Still lost a lot of sleep.

Got him back on the road, Slee got him a space on the trailer, and my 60 got trailered home as well.

So now my 60 is in the garage with front wheel drive only b/c I removed the driveshaft in order to spare problems with the out of adjustment 3rd member. The guy who used my axle is already lining up the readjustment of the 3rd member to get her back on the road.
Darn! I had spare 40 axles at my camp, but only the short side would have fit a 60, the long side would have been...too short. :-(
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