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Talking Thank You

Well after a 20 hour drive to Canada i got home at 4am on tuesday i don't know how to start thanking everyone who helped me, i was overwhelmed by everything that happen, i broke down when we got back to camp on sunday evening i was in tear's as i could not conprehend what happen to me this week i made sure before leaving for cm 06 that the rig would be in top shape for the event i don't know what to say but thank you to every on that helped me if i leave any one out i'm sorry to start there's IGE when we broke the pinion she jumped right in and just started tearing thing's apart and when we got in to camp she pointed me in the right direction in takeing my diff apart as i have never done any thing like that before thank you IGE. BEN and BILL i was told by various people that i've had the two best people in camp helping me tear apart and reinstall the ring an pinion and set it up to be perfect by hand thank you guy's, JEFF donated his knuckel kit to the cause that he won on friday night, BEN from slee i believe he had the knuckel that we used to get the truck off the trail, KEVIN where to start he save my ass twice in one week first he had the ring and pinion that we needed and then when we broke on the trail on golden spike/gold bar rim trail's he did everything in his power to get me home on sat night with the trail fix's that we tried but we had to leave the truck at butt scratcher and to return to it in the morning only to find we could not make it out with what we had in our posesion so he modifed the steering arm to work with the knuckel we had after various trip's out to the trail head we got the truck moible and back to camp i owe every one so big if i have taken parts or order parts or any thing from any one please bear with me and i'll get thing's sorted out hear and get every one repaid or replaced when i can thank you all again as one man once said I'LL BE BACK i have the part's list in my head already ...

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