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Originally Posted by nakman View Post
You know I'm inclined to agree with Mike on the locker... you'll be able to get that truck pretty far with some good line selection and power braking. If you really do add a winch there's your savior if you get too far. And you want to be all the way open on snowy roads, IMO, especially with a light back end.
Some of the Tundras came with a Limited Slip from the factory, so that's why I thought it would be a good idea. I'm not sure what all is available for the Tundra, but I do know Limited Slip is available. If a Toyota-style electric rear locker is available, I might consider it and I could use the switch blank on my dash. Of course I'd have to budget the install and have someone professionally do it...

Originally Posted by nakman View Post
Have you considered a more tube-style bumper a la Allpro that gives you almost the same protection at half the weight? I don't know if anyone produces one for a Tundra but you certainly know people who can bend & weld... something like this
You know personally I've never really cared for that style of bumper. I know it works fine but to me that's more a rock-buggy look than a DD/weekend wheeler look. Just not my style. It's good to know about the extra weight, I guess I'm used to the 80 where you can put that much weight on the front and not really notice a difference. I'll have to take that into consideration, see if I'll have to add some heavier duty front suspension components...

Have to remember though, the 1st gen Tundra ARB is only available in a Sahara Bar - it's not like the Deluxe Bar that's available for the current gen Tundras, or even the one available for the 80 series.
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