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I wouldn't do the rtt on the bed. Do the softtopper instead. you can sleep in in, and hide your stuff. You loose bed storage/flexibility with the RTT on there.
I disagree on the lsd, somewhat. I would put a loc-rite or detroit in the rear and a lsd up front anyday on MOST vehicles. I had a detroit (factory) on my 2007 chebby full-size. NO issues in snow/ice other than the wimpy arse street tires it came with. That being said, if you're not going to have some weight in the rear of that truck in the winter time, you're not going to go anywhere in 2wd with it.

My T100 takes about 250lbs in the rear during the snowy months to even behave in a civil manner, without a locker.

at most I would add a leaf and add coils. Personally, I would leave it stock if I were to do anything. that's what you have a 40 for. treat it as a car that can tow the 40, haul mulch for that house your buying and take the wife to dinner while she's wearing a nice outfit.
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