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Originally Posted by bigbluefj
as everone know's i had issuse's at cm 06 so i now would like to up grade the steering knuckle's so what to do i now have one mini knuckle and one cruiser knuckle what to do, i was told that the 60 series knuckle's have the same 12mm pattern as the mini truck knuckle is this ture or should i go with some thing else i could use some help with this as i don't want this to happen again i was looking at the 4x4 lab's crossover steering set up with the one ton tie rod's would be a good start but i have to deal with the knuckle's first any idea's any one?????

I am canabalizing a spare 60 front axle to give Ben back the one we borrowed. You might as well have the Passenger side from it!
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I need an FJ40....
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Cruisers are superior
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