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Originally Posted by nakman
Right, the idea was everyone would "turn in" their spare spares to the trailer, to be inventoried (maybe in exchange for a free gift or something?) but then trail leaders would get an inventory of what parts were available, so they'd be able to decide to send someone back, or limp something out, or leave it, etc. A benefit for loaning your spares is if someone uses it they buy you a new one, perhaps. Needs to be ironed out a little, but the idea could work well I think...
I remember we had talked about it prior to the event, and I was intending to drop off the axles that Kevin brought me (thanks Kevin!). When I found out that no one else was leaving their spares in the trailer, I just left them in my camp.

Spares I normally carry in my rig:

Fuel filter
Fuel pump
Lock Right

New addition this year:

Tie rod ends

3rd member, axles and driveshafts are kinda big to carry on the trail, I figure they're more like "send somebody back to camp" type items.
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