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It was a great day on the trail with the kids on Father’s Day. Thanks for leading Jeff. We only had about 7 rigs and everyone was built and experienced so we made it to the to the top just after 2pm or so. Not too many people on the trail either. Everyone made it through the obstacles real well.

The Rock Garden was slightly easier IMO. It wasn’t all dug up by hundreds of rigs yet and was quite fun. Zepp took the rock garden for the first time in a while and had a good time with it. It was a bit slippery with the previous rains so it was hard to keep your line. He slipped off his line several times and got hung up and had to winch once. It was fun seeing him romp “Charlotte” through there though. I was able to crawl through slow enough to stay on my lines for the most and made it pretty clean. Good fun!

I guess I don't know how to insert captions ahead of each picture. Oh well. And thanks for taking to video of me in the garden Marco. I'll have to re-size it down and post it.
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