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So after we installed it we took it for a banged twice pulling out of the garage and once more a little later, but I was told it might do that from time to time... However otherwise it clicks very quietly, that 85-140 weight oil is doing its job, it's just loud enough to let you know it's there .

There is a noticeable handling difference on-road, it does just what the manual says about straightening when you apply power in a corner, it sways *very* slightly when you shift gears and go from unloaded to loaded, just some stuff to get used to, and we'll see how that affects the snow driving...hopefully it won't be too bad with my new tires I'm going to be getting!

Anyway we took it up Hidden Valley Road down here near Dakan and tested it out on the whoops, and holy fright you still can't erase the smile off my face! This is probably one of the best mods you can do to a truck that you want to perform decently off road! It's SO cheap and easy, there's almost no excuse NOT to do it if you wheel AT ALL! I have SO much more control on obstacles, and don't have to worry AT ALL about getting into whoops, it just ISN'T a problem now! The thing just keeps crawling up! It doesn't care anymore! It was so frustrating last summer (right Kevin and Kipper? ) when I unweighted a tire JUST THE SLIGHTEST BIT I would lose traction altogether! Now I've had one of my fronts quite a ways off the ground (a couple feet) with one of my rears with very little traction, and I could hold the truck there and keep going if I wanted! For now I'm not used to having my wheel lifted, so I just crawled out of it right away instead of trying for poser pics

Anyway very happy that I got this in and have had a chance to try it without new tires so I know what to attribute to the locker and what to attribute to the new tires...anyway here's a couple pics, and I also have a video with a small wheel lift, but I know the first one I did before my dad had a chance to get out was even bigger!
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