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After cutting out my floor, I decided to get my rear suspension set up, so that, when building my tunnel, I wouldn't have any issues with the driveshaft in the rear.

So, last week, I pulled out my extra rear housing, from an 87 runner, and cleaned it. Then, I gutted it, pulling the axles, diff, brakelines, an diff studs.

On Saturday, I forgot my camera, but I drove to my buddy kevin's house, and plasma'd off the bracketry. Plasma is awesome. Burned everything off, and then had just a couple passes with a grinder to clean up. Super fun.

When that was done, it looked like this:

In Saturday's mail, my shaving kit arrived. Awesome!

The steel is all 3/8" plate.

So, I got to work.

Inked in:


The cutting sucked. I cut too much in an error of judgement, as I thought the plate would sit differently. Not a huge deal, but just added extra welding, which translated to extra time while I let the housing cool between welds. One of those, kick-yourself-in-the-pants moments.

Set in place, ready to weld:

Finished product. I'm calling it my baby's bottom, as it is smooth like one.

My axle housing base is now smooth, and armored to 3/8". It also should give me about an inch of clearance. I will be measuring to see if its actually that much.

Currently its sitting in the garage with some old engine oil in it, to see if it leaks. Hopefully not.


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