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The other major thing that has changed is the rear suspension. I flex tested the truck with the 300 lb/inch springs, and the radius arms. I had all of 4" of travel, which wasn't going to work. The radius arms just bound up too much. Not to worry though.

This weekend, I redid the rear suspension and painted the rear axle. It is now a 3 link. I simply cut the back mount off of the radius arms, and added a 3rd, upper link. This corrected my pinion angle, and allowed the truck to flex MUCH better. It now flexes several inches more than the leaf springs. Its not a bunch of flex, but that's okay, because, as I'm still IFS, the rear does not need to flex a ridiculous amount.

I also built my front bumper, minus my tow hooks, and my buddy Troy built the main beam for my sliders. Bumper is 1/4" thick tube, with 1/4" mount to the frame, and 3/16" bracing. Its a beast, but it should hold up.

I now only have some tube work to finish, and they can go on the truck!!! Then, a belly skid and this sucker is ready to wheel.

On to the pictures.

What the new link started as:

Flexing out, with the new bumper:


Stuff (actually can stuff a little farther, but the tire was really hitting the back outter corner of the fender, and the hill was just starting to tip the truck. In other situations, it still has another inch to 2 inches of compression):


Here you can see the cut off radius arm:

Upper link:

All in all, this gives me the flex I wanted with a TON of clearance. Those radius arms REALLY give nice ground clearance. I'm happy with it.

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