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Originally Posted by corsair23 View Post
Holy great mother or transformations Isaac

You've been a busy bugger haven't you - Looks great
Definitely been busy...LOL. Thanks man!

Originally Posted by Red_Chili View Post
Looks very sano. Think you need any bracing on where those arms connect to the axle? That is a problem area on the later 4Runners.

So why exactly have you not done a solid front axle yet? I thought I saw one in your garage. Too much work?
Not sure what sano means?

The arms mount to the axle with 3/16" plate and then more 3/16 for gussets which tie in underneath. On the previous page, you can see the front mounts a little better.

A SAS is not too much work, its too much money. The axle you see in a HP FJ80. Looking at 700 for the high steer, 700 for axles, several hundred in new seals and hardware/brakes, plus the cost of linked front, which would likely go with coilovers, plus new gears all around, and another locker. It'll happen, but later on.

Originally Posted by ElliottB View Post
Wow! That is some great work. Now get to chopping on the SAS.
LOL. Gonna wheel it first for a while!

Originally Posted by rover67 View Post
Holy smokes you've been busy!

I didn't realize how big of a deal it was to see you driving your truck the other day!

Yeah, it was a pretty big deal. I was stoked about it.

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