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Default Argentine Clean Up Run

Wow, what a great day. We had six trucks and picked up quite a bunch of trash. Even brought out a section of culvert. We were accompanied by a couple of forest rangers on the way up to the mine. A couple of signs were put up as needed. The rangers asked that we check out a trail closure on the other side of the valley; we did and all was well. With all the family members and friends pitching in we put in some quality hours and left the area better than we found it. All in all a very good work day for the club.

Even with all the work we managed to get a bit of fun in on the trail. Our group made radio contact with the Ham Field Day group as they were breaking camp. Had a QSO with Marco as he headed west on I-70 at the end of the day. We also provided some assistance to a wrangler with hydro lock from going into a water crossing too fast. We (well the BoomBoom and I) enjoyed a nice burger at the end of the day.

A big thanks to CBone, Crash, Beater, Largeone, TheBoomBoom for making it out and Subzali for coordinating with the Forest Service.

We started the day airing down a meeting everyone. Followed by a safety meeting with the forest service and our own pre-run meeting.

We were soon on our way picking up trash and replacing signs. It is good to see our club represented on the sign boards.

Putting up signs is a fun time.

Here is the largest piece going up on Paul's truck.

There is another that was too big to bring out, perhaps on the next work day we can round up some tools to break it down into smaller pieces.

We all enjoy Carlton's meeting minutes every month. As you can see, he is happy about everything he does.

The scenery up in this area is great.

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