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Originally Posted by Beater View Post
I felt horrible about having to leave early, especially after finding I didn't have my deep well sockets with me to pull the plugs on that jeep. Did you get the water out of the jeep?

It also amazes me that almost every time I go out on an easy run, there is a quad issue. On the way down and out, we met up with mountain rescue that was there for a quad accident. Someone had to be air lifted off the hill. I looked in the paper this morning, but no news. I hope the individual is ok.
No worries, we ended up making another stop at one of the campsites and watched the rangers pull away and then took a couple of short side roads before getting on down.

We didn't have the 5/8 socket, but a 17mm deep well was able to get the plugs out of the wrangler. It took a fair amount of cranking to clear out the water. The distributor was dry, the air filter soaked and some water did get into the crankcase - enough to move the level on the dipstick up 1/2". The wrangler choose to go back to get out versus through the water. He was intending to drop the oil in Georgetown, so Matt lent him a wrench that fit the drain plug. I had never seen the recovery from hydro lock procedure before.

We caught a glimpse of the emergency trucks on the other side of the valley and were wondering what had brought them out.
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