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Default 2009 RS HAM Radio Field Day Weekend

This was a great event. All in all we had 15-17 people show up over the course of the two days.

Bruce, Emilee and I left to get camp setup about 0930 on Friday morning. We got to Clear Lake CG about 1300. Greg Lure Showed up to help setup shortly after. We had a little rain right after we got there, but then it cleared up and we had awesome weather all the rest of the time.

Greg, Bruce and I set up the CM inspection tent over the picnic table, and put the HF rig on the end. We got the radios running about 1700. The Tri-Band (10, 15 and 20M) beam antenna was on the tower at about 35 feet up. We also ran the 40M dipole as an inverted-V off the tower about 30 feet up.

About the time that the antennas were up, Bruce (Jethro--WJTR), Tim (Nakman--KNAK) and Gavin (Future Prez) arrived for the fun. Here is Gavin looking for just the right spot to put their popup. (Very similar to the American Indian way to use metal rods to find water)

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Where we were located gave us good north-south paths, but trying to go east-west we had mountains in the way. Friday afternoon started slow, but after dinner 20M started to open up and we ended up talking to a large number of Russians and even one contact made to Israel. After (finally) finishing off the keg of homebrew I brought, we all hit the sack.

Saturday morning brought John (Johnindenver--KDDCU) with his little one (Sorry John, I forgot his name) and we got John on the air. Since field day didn't officially start until Noon our time, things were a little dead, and we heard Fred in North Dakota talking about how it was windy and cold.

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Then Heather (KDDCW) and Brian (Seldom Seen--KCYRM) drove in and set up. Brian had a lot of fun on the radio. He made a lot of contacts on both 20 and 40M. Heather got on using Brian's callsign, and with Bruce's help, made several contacts on HF. She was kind of a commodity, being female, as there aren't a huge number of female operators, so people seemed to return her call over the other males in our group. Tim got on and made his contact, but Jethro was content watching the fun and making sure we had enough suds!

Here is the setup with the tower on the CM trailer, and if you look hard you can see the 40M dipole. Romer's generator made more than enough power and ran almost the whole time (we had to quit at 2200 due to the CG not allowing the generator to run past then) and i think it only used 3 gallons of gas for almost 20 hours of run time. Thanks Romer.
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We all had lots of fun, and learned a little about what we would do differently for next year. Maybe even move the location over to Argentine Pass and have the spot a central location to combine the trail cleanup with the Field Day.

Thanks to everyone who helped set-up, tear-down, move stuff, cook dinners, and chat on and off the air. It was a nice relaxing weekend with some good food, friends and HAM radio fun!! See you all in 2010!!
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