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Originally Posted by DaveInDenver View Post
Really bummed I could not make it up Saturday, very long week days make for too few and much too short weekend days. :-/ I did ragchew with K0NAK on his way up and K9BVB Friday afternoon on the commute home, so I got that going for me.
Don't you hate it when that happens? I feel my weekends are busier than my workweek. Next year, Dave. Or maybe you want to do the 14er HAM event with me?

Originally Posted by nakman View Post
Thanks for putting this together, Nathaniel! We had a great time and would have loved to stay for the second night, but alas life was calling. Was fun to tune that big HF rig around and listen to everyone, yeah next year we'll do it higher up and it'll be that much better.
You bet!! Here is a picture of you making your contact...
Name:  untitled9.JPG
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Emilee wearing the famous Cheeseman hat after setup was complete...
Name:  untitled2.JPG
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Cheeseman calling the XYL in Washington.
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"No dear, I'll be at the airport on time at 9PM. Yes dear. What's that you say dear? Plane is going to be late? Ok, I'll make sure things are ready." Hangs up phone. "Hey guys, I got another hour to hit the suds!"

Setting up the tower Friday...
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Kids eating some eggs, sausage and potatoes Saturday morning. Boy were they ever mistreated...
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