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What a great weekend for Rising Sun! Two back-to-back events with good participation at both!

I want to thank everybody for their great participation yesterday! It was good to see the 6 trucks on the trail, and to keep up our relationship with the Forest Service! I think this is one of the visible times (at least with the Forest Service) that we "put our money where our mouth is" and get out and do a little hard labor for the good of the community. Volunteer Service - it does a body good! I really appreciate all the work this club has put into the community and into the upkeep of the trails we enjoy to drive/ride on!

Plus we got extra credit points for helping the hydrolocked Jeep. I think it was good for a lot of us younger/newer folk to actually see what happens when an engine ingests water (I've heard of it and know it's a real danger but had never actually seen it before).

The weather was beautiful, the comaraderie was fantastic, the scenery was great and all in all it was a wonderful day! Future plans are a new large sign somewhere else, probably on the lower road somewhere (we have the sign built from last year), possibly extricating more corrugated culvert material, more exploration and discovery of possible user-created routes that should be closed, and we still have the abandoned ATV that we should probably get a few more pieces brought out from. Hiking anyone?

BTW I was LOVING my newfound power steering! And Ricardo can attest to that! The Brahma was SO much more enjoyable to drive for the whole day when I could do one-hand lock-to-lock u-turns, and the rocks weren't catching my arm and trying to rip it off!
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