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Although LargerOne and I left after lunch, we had a little trail drama of our own. We got to the trailhead and unloaded that big culvert deal only to find that LargerOne's power steering hose was leaking fluid, and lots of it. Then we looked at each other with that quizzical look one gives in these types of situations that says, I sure hope you're a good mechanic, cause I ain't (at least that was my thinking) Needless to say, we diagnosed the problem, removed the hose to find it completely dry-rotted and then, as fate would have it, Paul had a roll of some wonder tape he won at one of the previous raffles. The packaging said it was self sealing, self healing and all kinds of other claims. We wrapped it around the hose, hooked the hose back up, filled the reservoir and damn if it didn't work. So, always save those little raffle prizes you win at the meetings, you never know when it might come in handy. Plus, it sure felt good as a novice wrencher to actually troubleshoot a problem, find a cure, fix it on the trail and have it work.

We too saw all the emergency vehicles head up the trail. We heard the ATV person was found by the rangers we were with, so I assume when they left us they stumbled on something ugly shortly thereafter.

As everyone else has commented, it was a great day of picking up trash, wheeling a nice, easy trail and haivng fun with a great group of people.

Thanks Matt for organizing.
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