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Originally Posted by Hulk View Post
Nathaniel, what radio is that I see K0NAK using? I'm jonesing for more equipment, after the success of my j-pole install on my roof.
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It is an Icom 765. It is a big radio, but its receive is great and it punched through with the best of them.

We were kinda astounded by the performance, especially with the 40M dipole. Friday night we hooked up the dipole, and we didn't hear anything but crickets. I thought it was because we didn't have it high enough, or that one of the legs of the dipole wasn't as tight as it should be. So we decided to stay on 20M and that band opened up to Russia, signals going over the north pole. We talked to St. Petersburg, and even Israel!

Well, on Saturday night right about dinnertime and just out of curiosity (which all HAMs come standard with after a while), I hooked the dipole back up. Wow! Field Day had everyone and their brother on 40M! I made 5 contacts with folks all over in a matter of minutes! All on a limp noodle of a dipole.

The 20M beam (Yagi ) is easy to make work good, as long as dimensionally it is set up good. The dipole can be a hit or miss, and we seem to hit! Next time, we learn from this time and get higher, with less obstructions, more antennas and more radios!! Name:  icon27.gif
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