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Default Medano Pass / Sand Dunes NP

We met up with some friends for a weekend at Sand Dunes NP. It was really a great trip, none of us had ever seen the Dunes before and it was certainly worth the long drive. Having 4wd is key to enjoying this park, the front of the park was packed with tourists the back side is protected from tourists by warning signs indicating the cost of a tow if they get stuck in the sand, it really thinnned people out. Here are some pictures...

A rainy day as we headed up Medano Pass

There is a lot of wildlife in the area

This sign did not go over well with the

Our campsite was about 4 miles from the dunes up the medano creek, the campsites are all very nice with about a 1/2 mile between them...

The sandy road from the medano pass area into the NP,

Bring a sled, the kids had a great time sledding down the hill or just rolling down it...

my 8 year old daughter climbed to the top, look for the dot, she slept well that night. The creek is a lot of fun for the kids to play in also as it is constantly changing direction and is very shallow.

We were told no trip to the sanddunes was complete without seeing the Gator farm so off we went...

The kids get to hold all sorts of critters including a small gator...
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