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Default Final update

The Great RS BHCC Invasion
Hulk +Family 1-XL, 1-medW, 1-medY, 1-sY
Jethro 1-XL, 1-med, 1-medW
Rockwagon 1-XL, 1-xlW, 2-medY
Nuclearlemon 1-2xl
Uncle Ben + Family 2-3xl, 1-2xl, 3-mW
BVB + Paula 1-2xl, 1-xlW
Mtncrsr + Family 1-XL, 1-sW
Convert + Trudy 1-XL, 1-xlW, 1-LW
Romer + ROD + daughterofromer (3Trucks) 1-xl, 2-med
Beachboy? 1-2xl
Pablo Cruise + 1-xl, 1-sY
Rockdog +2? 2-2xl, 1xl
Bigbluefj 1-2xl, 1-l
Hondo + 1-xl

RS members not attending
Corsair23 1-xl

My count for the above is.... 38 total
Mens: 2-3xl, 7-2xl, 10-xl, 1-l, 3-m
Womens: 3-xl, 1-l, 5-m, 1-s
Youth: 3-m, 2-s
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I need an FJ40....
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Cruisers are superior

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