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CBone...thank you so much for hangin' back and helping me with my trail fix. The "Xtreme Tape" worked awesome and I will always have a role of that stuff in my trail box. The hose did not leak a drop after it sealed up around the hose!

Thanks to everyone on the Argentine trip...I had a blast and even with the "breakdown", the day was great.

BTW...I know now why the hoses weren't replaced before. I called Toyota the next morning and they said the two hoses that come off the PS cooler (in front of the front cross member) are sold as a unit with that metal cooler...price $380.00. No thanks!!! 3/8" PS hose fits with a little a little persuading (9.5mm vs. 10mm)!!!

Subzali...I still have your strap from the culvert handling. Sorry I missed the meeting Wed as I promised to give it back to you then. I went wheeling/camping for two days north of Rocky Mountain National Park and was exhausted when I got back on Wednesday.

See y'all soon!

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