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I had a great time, thanks to Steve for setting this up ... nice job by Doug and Jay to get out unscathed

Couple pics
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Ok ..give me break on this ...first try with this flash drive video camera and software. (yes ..I had to add the shots of the belly cam and rear view going up/down the creek )

UB - No way to get out the top at this point. There is a partially busted drift in the trees between the two stretches of post and cable and the big drift covering the last climb hasn't even been touched.
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I considered trying to winch up but no time and there is still a couple stretches of snow on the top before you get back out to the main Moffat road.
There are more than a couple single tracks going through the trees to bypass that last climb I saw the same thing last year. We need to put up more cable or lay some deadfalls in that area.
Mike W.

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