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I can't wait to go. This will be my first TLCA event as a participant in the 100 and my first TLCA event since Rubithon 2007. Don't worry, I'll be back to CM as a participant in 2010. I always get there for the even years and occasionally an odd year. 2008 was the exception because we had Sam, May 14th.

I need to tear down my 4x4 labs bumper and clean it up and finish welding on some do-dads. I also need to change the oil. And look over everything. But the 100 is pretty easy to just get in and drive to and hit the trails.

I finished an art box for Ginger's art this AM. I know that doesn't sound BHCC related but she has a show 2 weekends later. So we are going to the BHCC and then dropping the camper and Cruiser at my folks place in Wyoming and then taking my mom's car home for a week in between the BHCC and the art show.

I'm taking another one of those prints for the raffle, just like the one I brought for Cruise Moab. I need to run to Boise and get a frame for it this week still.

It looks like I'll probably miss the raffle for this one too. Ginger has a polo match she needs to attend Sunday at 11AM in Sheridan, Wyoming. She needs all the promotion she can get for the Wyoming Art Show. We just got back from Glenwood Springs and Vail and they sucked. In Glenwood Springs she didn't even make her booth fee. In Vail she barely covered her booth fee and the hotel (which was actually cheaper than camping in that area). Art isn't a necessity so the art world is feeling the pinch in the economy. I felt bad for the artists in Vail who didn't sell anything or didn't sell enough to at least make the booth fee. It was a great show with quality work, just no sales.

I'm planning on wheeling the 100 on Thursday and Friday with my dad. Ginger, my mom, and the kids are going touristing. And Saturday I hope to hook up with someone to get some photos of the more extreme trails.

See you guys Wednesday. That is only 8 days away.
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