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Here are a few more pics. I wish Suz had been along because I am no fotog and didn't really do justice to the sights we were seeing. I want to go back soon and if we can get something organized, Jack would be more than happy to lead the way. His way of beating the heat when arriving back into Moab is a Frosty at Wendy's and he bought!!! How's that for a bargain?!
The sand wash pictures are from the bottom of Ten Mile Canyon which starts at the prairie level and meanders 16.2 miles to the canyon outlet into the Green River. It is the only canyon that does this and it is almost impassable in spots to full size vehicles. I surprised Jack in a couple of places that he thought were too narrow for Bart to squeeze through but squeeze we did. We got about half way to the Green before turning around at what is know as the Boulder Choke. Looked doable but with just the one vehicle, prudence prevented us from going further. Get a couple more capable vehicles and drivers and it could be done! The wash is now roaming grounds for ATVs and dirt bikes but I would love to make the full length trip. Anyone up for a challenge?
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