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Thanks, Christo really helped with the discussion on Castor and that graphic. There was another thread that had a lot of good discussion going back and forth I used to stimulate the forum and got some great info that helped me finish up the FAQ:

That's why I like Mud (at least the 80's section) vs Pirate. It reminded me of our club. Course at least 4 of the posters were in our club (is Nay a club member?). Here we had a group of people discussing a technical issue, a lot with differing opinions and there was no arrogance, or intimidation, just a great discussion back and forth. It was great, but I hear they are afraid of the moderator Has a gun just like Bill Morgan and smokes Cigars and won't let his daughters date Tards!

I actually learn a lot when I put those together. The Front axle rebuild was another fun one to do. The oil one came out real good too!
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