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Default Governor Basin Information (Ouray area):

Hello Risng Sun members. I figured you-all would be the best group for me to ask of this question.

4 AZ families are hitting Ouray in about 2-weeks in our three 80's and my 100. None have ever done Governor Basin by Yankee Boy Basin. I'm intrigued because everyone says it's gorgeous and difficult. What' I'm confused about however is the variance in reports from sites about difficulty. Here's what I've found:

An "easy trek" though from 1998:

2004...narrow and treacherous and not recommended:

Lots of pics here...mentions of shelf roads...sure looks like we can do it.

There is an optional spur loop in Governor and maybe that's where the worst stuff is. ???

So what do you all know? Too crazy and dangerous or should we plan on it?

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