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If you make a mistake on this road, that means you aren't paying attention and probably shouldn't be driving anyway! Honestly, if you know how to drive, and are comfortable with Colorado's high shelf roads, there's nothing to worry about.

Nay has a good point regarding snow conditions. This is one of the few roads they don't plow, and just let it melt out naturally. I believe this year's snowpack ended up being right around average, or a little bit under, and it's usually fully open by July 20. With last year's record snow, I'm sure it was well into August. It wasn't open when I was there at the end of July. It looks like it's not fully open right now (click here), but I would expect it to be open when you're here. You can try giving SOA (the linked tour company, or any of the other area tour outfits) a call for updates as your time nears to see if they know anything else.
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