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Boy to wheel with Jack is something out the world of the known. To get off the regularly beaten path is the treat that I had been waiting for this year. In Moab you look off into the distance and wonder what is out there. Jack Bickers is the one who has been there. A little extra driving on plain ol' desert roads to see what is out there is just the relaxation before the beauty that most folks never get to see when going to Moab.

Steve Crase has opened up this door for us few who want too. He talked about Jack for 2 or 3 years before I finally had the chance to go with the two of them. Never going to wait that long again. Last March on our pre-run Steve talked me into an extra day early to go out with Jack. By the end of the day I was in awe of the man he calls Jack and of what I saw out there in Moab. Every time I hear of Steve spending a day or days with Jack I just sigh and listen and hope for the next time I get to go along.

Jacks knowledge is what we need to know to understand the rest of the story in Moab. But now you have to know how you will be put in your place with Jack. But he will also wonder why you haven't been out there before. Just like my Uncles and Grandfather did for me. His generation gave us alot in this world and I love hearing of it every time I can.

Thanks Steve for this gift.

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