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Nice job I wish we could have been there too. Looks like Wild Rice is doing just fine UB. More pictures please.
Thanks for the compliment! WR started out on it's Gremlin trend right off the trailer. My confidence was way down and I was feeling pretty low. Thursday morning, right after the drivers meeting, I rolled into the tech-in so I could take off on the run that was just a few minutes from taking off. I blew through tech-in with ease and while I moved forward less than 15 foot away the PS started the dreaded loud growl of cavitation. I immediately hopped out and my fears were verified as the high pressure line squirting fluid like a Super Soaker. After two trips to Central City to a NAPA that made hydrolic hoses I had enough stuff to contain fluid perminately. (Side Note: I LOVE SOUTH DAKOTA PEOPLE! Truly the best attitude and most helpful race of humans on earth!) The rest of the day was a gas as my daughter and me took off, windshield down, exploring forrest roads off the Galina road giggling till our sides hurt while dodging flying mud and rocks from the open wheeled Swampers along with Dragon Flies the size of your fist. Enjoying the fun but under my breath ready to can the WR project and buy a boat we returned to camp, picked up Lori and headed to Deadwood in the "Mall Cruiser" for some heated go-cart racing and putt putt golf. Great smile ending fun to a depressing morning! Having lost all confidence in a neglected Wild Rice sitting on new drivetrain I really wasn't sure what I wanted to do the rest of the weekend. Most of the club had signed up for Iceman on Friday so that made my decision easy as I wanted to hang with my homies. I was nervious like a virgin bride about WR letting me down again and holding everyone up on a hot, no air moving, trail. Opening my mouth like usual got me in trouble when the trail leaders asked if we wanted to do "Jasons Rock" which is an optional loop at the beginning of the trail. The trail leaders obviously did not respect 80's as "capable" trail rigs and quickly convinced the ready to rock RS "Mall Wagon" crew that "no 80 has ever done that loop of the trail" despite my argument that I did it easily two years ago. Somehow that slip of my over active mouth ended up in the 2 Kevin's set up for an exhibition run. We dropped in the steep drop off and I rediscovered a forgotten trait of a early F motor and suffocated every living insect for at least a cubic mile with huge flumes of dense Rotella smoke....oops. Our favaorie Canadian was leading the charge and demonstrated some great driving and awesome flex as he went over the pre obsitcal just feet away from the main show. With expert spotting from the DTC crew Kevin headed into Jasons rock with ease until his flame went out on the engine. Kevin was denied! after winching Kevin out of the way so BVB can again wow everyone with his exceptional trouble shooting abilities it was my turn. Convert had jumped in to ride shotgun earlier so we headed into the unknown. Still having very little confidence I really didn't even try to pick my own line and listened to the resident expert to the T. Once I got the passenger front to hook the corner of the rock the rest went as I thought I had designed the truck to do. I did have a minor glitch pop up as WR died 1/2 way up the rock as it stopped idling. I assumed it was from the earlier quenching of 15w-40 but afterwards discovered my brake booster vacuum line had pulled off probably from frame flex greater than WR has experienced before. I was pumped! From that point on I continued to do all the 5 rated options on the trail and each time WR performed flawlessly relieving my doubts and really triggering my facial muscles that make the frown turn upside down! By the end of the trail I was getting quite cocky and playing point-N-shoot on everything that looked like a challenge. Finally, rewarded for all the permanent burn scars of falling slag from the mig and plasma for the last 2 years I was in Cruiser euphoria once again! Romer sent me a slew of pix from Jason's rock which I will resize later and post up. I will also report on my extreme run on Saturday on "Flat Nasty" which I can report was "really Flat Freaking NASTY!"

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Welcome. Lots of "northsiders" here in the club. We're known to have some of the strongest, coolest and most awesome club members.
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Cruisers are superior

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