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Default 4 Speed Swap With 3 Speed Clutch

I am trying to figure out what will be required for swapping an H42 into my 71. Reason is the need for an engine refresh, and "while I'm in there", since I already have the H42 sitting around. I hate to lose the column shift, but frankly, 1st in the J30 sucks, especially with 33s.

I know the traditional swap uses the 4 speed clutch and bellhousing. I know the 4 speed bellhousing is required, and I have one. But I checked my parts stash and all I have is 3 speed flywheels, and I test fitted a 4 speed pressure plate to a 3 speed flywheel and it doesn't fit, just a tad too large in outer diameter.

The 4 speed bellhousing *looks* like it is symetrical as far as release fork mounting, so it looks like the 3 speed fork and slave could be mounted on the 4 speed bellhousing, from the 3 speed side. I checked, and the mounting ear bolts from the 3 speed will fit the 4 speed bellhousing. A 3 speed friction plate fits just fine on the H42 input shaft.

Has anyone done this? Am I overlooking anything obvious? I know I'll need the transition gear for the t-case. I'll also need the stick shifter for the H42, the spring and the shifter fastening plate (anyone got one F/S?).

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