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Originally Posted by nakman
285's will definitely not fit a 3rd gen with stock height, it'll rub everywhere just backing out of the driveway.
I agree that setup would rub, but I bet it won't be as severe as one might think. Standard trimming, and pounding of the body seam in the front and I bet they'll work pretty good. I've never seen anyone run 285s without a lift, and I don't see any good reason to try it. That being said, mine sits only a half-inch higher in the front than the '96-'99s. And, I'm running 8" wheels which makes the rubbing worse. The fact that CBonilla is already lifted makes all of the above moot anyway.

CBonilla, as Aaron stated, you are set to go. I bet you'll gain closer to an inch of clearance and closer to 2" with the tire size diameter. That is the case with the MT/Rs in those sizes at any rate. Certainly not too tall by any means.
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