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Wow, a third gen thread. Cool. Hey Darren.

So we all know you have to have a lift for 285's, it sounds like he has a lift already.

It's the wheel size width\backspacing that's really in question here. The 10x8 wheel he's getting will fit the tires nicely but may rub the a-arm depending on the wheel backspacing. Or a spacer may need to be added. I run the stock 7" wheel so I don't have the detail measurements that he needs. Darren runs 10x8" wheels I believe, so he may know more regarding the backspacing that's needed.

Aaron\Cbonnilla, I look forward to meeting you and your runner's at a meeting or run sometime. There's not too many modified 3rd gens around here.

I didn't know Rachel is running big MTR's, we need to get her some armor and get her out on the trail.
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