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We just got home yesterday. For me it was like a marathon. 3800 miles zig zagging back and forth between South Dakota and Idaho twice through Wyoming and Montana.

The BJ 70 was from Winnipeg. And I was very jealous that they spent $83 in fuel to get there. It was a darn fine example of a 70. Unfortunately it suffered some bent running boards on an easy trail that left the owners not very pleased.

I was bummed that I didn't get to wheel with the RS group. Kevin really did well on Flat Nasty. That was a good morning for me. Lots of photos! I caught up with Jethro on Calamity Canyon one day. And did Iceman the first day with nobody from RS.

The red 40 was on of the Brandt Brothers. I didn't wheel with him but I wheeled with Gary on Iceman and Dave on Calamity in the green stockish 40.

I literally waded in the Poison Ivy on Iceman and Flat Nasty. I never did even have more than mental itches or a blister. My dad says that at certain times of the cycle the plant does not put out as much oil and isn't as bad. Needless to say, I was happy I didn't end up with it. I'm allergic to it and I puff up like Tammy Faye Baker.

I would describe Iceman as a moderate trail. It was work in the 100 though. That reconfirmed my thoughts that I don't want to do the Rubicon trail in the 100. I lost one of my center caps on Iceman. I was hoping you guys would find it the next day. On Calamity my dad bent both rear control arms. And I think I have wheel weights all over the Hills.

I can't believe Matt went for it on Loading Dock. That think is narrow and bridging that gap on the top with the potential for falling off the edge and becoming wedged in the hole is unnerving even to watch. I'm sure if I would have done that with Ginger I'd be dead or divorced.

We stopped in Billings, MT on Monday and the LC got some new shoes. They are smaller and ATs. Yep, it got even more wimpified. But how we've been using it, it makes sense for a smaller leaner better mpg and more powerful quiet 100. The FJ68 should handle the tougher stuff. I hope to have it out to CM next year.

After this trip we've decided to sell our pop up. It just doesn't provide enough storage for doing art shows for us.

Ginger's art show in Sheridan, WY was slow the first day but she still did more in sales in that day than both of the Colorado shows in June. The second day she did OK but the real prize was that she did some trading with some other artists and ended up with some unique items.

We are thinking about Texas for next year for art shows. Cherry Creek is still in the back of our mind. One of the other artists in Wyoming said that we should stay out of Colorado as there has been too much of a real estate recession for art. Maybe that is true?
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