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I took Kevin's advice and on the way to the airport stopped off at Mattress Firm and tried 3 levels of Tempur-pedic. I liked the Deluxe version. It's just as pricey as the sleep number bed.

Asked Bonni to go check them out while I am out of town.

I went to the same store I bought my last mattress and they said they would buy it back at 50% of what I paid for it. Course buying the new mattress at retail.

So both the Tempurpedic Deluxe and Sleep Number P6 seemed they would work for me. Although both beds are different

Sleep Number
Pro- conforms to body and relieves pressure points
Pro - Can adjust the two sides different
Pro- Can adjust your side different depending on how your feeling. Guy I talked to said when he worked outside all day, he liked being able to adjust it different than normal
Con - Cost
Pro - Can try it for 45 days and return it
Con - Trying and return it will cost about $400 if you have them set it up and come get it. $200 if you do it yourself
Con- When something breaks, it's up to the consumer to diagnose and send for the new part and install it.
Con- Lots of parts that can go bad causing a leak.
Comment - Some people love them, have them 10+ years and never have an issue. Some people hate them and have nothing but problems.

Pro - Conforms to body and relieves pressure points
Pro- No moving parts to fail
Pro- Delivery and setup is $50 vs $200
Pro- Trial period is 90 vs 45 days
Pro - Out less than $100 if return it and don't like it.
Con - Cost
Con- Some say smells for a few weeks
Con - Some say it makes you sweat, some say it doesn't
Con - Some say material breaks down in 2-3 years losing comfort feel. Some say it doesn't.
Pro- Warranty is superior to Sleep Number from what I can read
Comment - This bed relieves pressure points and envelopes your body so movement is harder. e.g. you have to really work to roll over, but if your sleeping well you don't need to.
Comment - Some people really love this bed or hate it

So from what I read, heard and has been commented here

Bed's are a matter of personal preference. A style (Foam, Air, Standard) one person loves will be hated by someone else

Both Tempurpedic and Select Comfort are about the same Price

Both relieve pressure points

Both allow you to try and return

Both have people who love them and hate them

Tempurpedic is much less $$ to try and return, so stands to reason if your willing to try both, you should start with that.

Tempurpedic is not prone to the reliability problems as there are no moving or pressurized parts.

Tempurpedic is more of a change to how people sleep and will take more getting use to

Sleep Number provides more custumizable options depending on how your feeling. Bonni commented how she could make it firm when she is sitting in Bed watching TV and softer when going to sleep

Does that seem to capture it?

Hopefully Bonni will try the Tempurpedic in the next day or so and we can choose which one to try
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