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Originally Posted by bh4rnnr
we were looking at a small tornado to the south east of us. We ran back into the shop to find everybody gone , well except for Ben whom for some reason was working on a car(I told him that and he laughed). We ran into the front of the building to try and find a good place to hide, only to find every body had taken the good spots. So we proceded to the basemant of the building(there is no basement here). And found for some reason they had a bunch of rock climbing equipment stored down there...
OK, let's start with this:

The small tornado represents that girl you had a crush on, in third grade...What was her name?

Anyway, "south east" clearly means that you have a pastrami sandwich in the fridge.

Ben working on a car means the hedges need to be trimmed.

Everybody gone, means that you had Firestix candy for the first time, probably when you were 6 or 7 years old.

All the good hiding spots being taken, means that Thursday is your favorite day of the week.

Going to the non-existent basement means you have a fuel-injected engine on your rig.

Now the really juicy part! The climbing equipment, symbolizes learning to write in cursive. Clearly, you had problems with Capital I's.

Kewl, huh?
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