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LEG 4, McClellan Mountain to unknown mine at 11,660 feet – 3.65 miles

As I headed toward my next destination, I crossed over a gap that brought me on the north side of the ridge that goes between Ganley Mountain (12,902 feet) and Pendleton Mountain (12,275 feet). Pendleton Mountain is where the old tramway went back in the day.

I found out that there is a shelf road to cope with – reminded me of Tomichi Pass – staying on the high side here…my narrow track came in very handy at this point.

Here’s a view of the interstate way down below…

After I passed the shelf road I came to the end of a ridge that ended with a switchback that went…off the end of the earth? At this point I am getting on a road that has not seen as much use as any other part of the Argentine/Leavenworth area…

The left-hand switchback took me onto this straight section:

…with this right-hand switchback at the end:

I got a glimpse of where I was headed: what was it down there? The track was getting narrow, unused, but thankfully there was grass to hold the integrity of the downhill edge. The narrow track of my 40 was welcome again, and my low COG was also very comforting.

…which led to another left-hand switchback (yes there is a switchback there):

As I dropped further down I came to another right-hand switchback:

…and yet another left-hand switchback:

I’ve dropped quite a bit of elevation – the interstate is way closer:

A couple curves later I found myself at this little mining camp:

Wonder what real estate costs around here? I don’t think we’re going to ever have a party at our house…

Yeah – it’s a long ways up there…

I knocked first…

Someone left the door open…

I’m not going any further than the door entrance…

The road continued down but ended at a caved-in mineshaft…
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