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LEG 5, unknown mine at 11,660 feet to the end of road 248.1D – 9.90 miles

As I headed back up the road, I saw these two guys undoubtedly hiding from the hunters I had seen on the other side of the ridge…

I found out that narrow off-camber stuff doesn’t bother me as much when heading uphill as it does when heading downhill. After a few minutes all I had left was the Tomichi-like shelf road on the north side of Ganley Mountain…

It was nice to get back to the land of the living as the sun set…

I still had one more road I wanted to explore – but it was on the other side of the valley. I decided that I would take another road I had never been on before in order to “shortcut” my way back to the Power Line road so I could get over there. As I bounced down the Upper Power Line road the night began to get spooky…I wasn’t sure if I was hearing tree branches scraping the side of my truck or unknown shrieks emanating from the mountainside…

As nightfall descended, I passed through an array of bleached bone-like items in what seemed like a high-altitude graveyard…

I reached the end of the road as it tapered in a loose, rocky, off-camber demise into the trees…
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